Bobbing For Apples

The 8A class of Mr Westra from FE Madill challenged the 8B class of Mrs Durnin in a match of bobbing for apples. This event was held on Halloween because bobbing for apples is a traditional Halloween game. The event was held the event in the small gym near the main doors at FE Madill. We did this so we could get data such as time to get first apple and amount of apples grabbed in one minute for a data management project. To do this we picked two people and put about ten apples in a bucket then timed to see who got the first apple and most.

The conclusions I can make are that 8B is better at bobbing for apples. I know this because in my Frequency table we had more of our times in the 0-20 second section than 8A. Also because in my table we had bobbed 28 apples and 8A only had 12. Lastly  our mean (average) time was faster than 8A to get the first apple ours was 17.71 and theirs was a terribly slow 33.86.

I think that 8B had a faster time and more apples bobbed than 8A, because it’s like the old saying ,”the smarter you are ,the better you are at apple bobbing”. Also because we have a class full of apple bobbing champions.

Overall 8B is our winner for the title of BFA champions. We won more challenges than 8A such as more apples bobbed and a faster time to get first apple.



Who I Am ….

Who I Am …


Hello, I’m Ben and I am part of the Idea Hive. The Idea Hive is 2 schools working together from 2700 kilometers apart. One class is from Snow Lake, Manitoba and one other class is from Wingham, Ontario. We collaborate over Google Documents and skype on varying projects throughout the year.

Something I have in common with most  of the students from Snow Lake is that we like gym. Some of the people who like gym are Wesley, Mercedes, Kassie and Holly. My favourite game to play in gym class is volleyball and it’s even better when it’s a close game. My favourite position to play is power (right side).

Something I have in common with only a few people from Snow Lake is wanting to be a police officer. The people that also would like to be a police officer are Riley and Kelly. The reason I would like to be a police officer is my aunt and uncle are both cops. We talk a lot about their job and I find it very interesting. I think it would be a very intense and cool job.

One thing that is unique about me is that I play baseball. I played for the Brussels Peewee W.O.A.A team as the back catch. Our team won the W.O.A.A championship and only lost 3 games all year.

The person from Snow Lake who is most like me is Riley. Things we have in common are playing musical instruments, is our favourite website is Youtube, we both want to be a police officer for a career,  and we both like hanging with friends.

Overall it sounds like there are many similarities between our schools. What is the one thing you would like to learn about our community?

Lower Columbia College